Phyllis Charter IIW President 2019-2020


With the Inner Wheel almost completing a full circle, we are now at the beginning of the 2019-2020 Inner wheel year. I have great pleasure in conveying my best wishes to District 328, and in bidding all the Members, especially those who are taking office in the new Inner Wheel year, a successful and enjoyable year.

It is a privilege and honour to serve International Inner Wheel in the Office of President and my Theme for this year is “Together we can”. I hope these words will encourage you and the members to wok together so that you can make a difference. Yes, together we can achieve our dreams and ambitions.

International Inner wheel can be compared to a Tree. The roots are our history- 96 years of Inner service and friendship now in 104 countries. The trunk being our Districts – giving strength and unity.

The branches spreading out are our Clubs – reaching out to our communities. But the 110,000 leaves that give colour and life to the tree are you, our Inner Wheel Members.

Like every leaf on the tree, each Inner Wheel Member is an individual with their own identity but by working Together we can keep the historical roots of international Inner Wheel healthy and vibrant, encouraging it to grow and flourish around the world.

With dedicated service and friendship, what a difference the members of the Inner Wheel Club of District 328 can make and have made, yet in this ever changing world of ours the services and friendships of your Members are required as much as ever.

On behalf of all the communities and people that you have helped over the years, I say a Big Thank you.

Alone we achieve so little – but in Inner Wheel – Together we can achieve so much.

Yours In friendship,

Phyllis Charter
IIW President 2019-2020