My Dear IW Sisters,

Let me start by extending my warm greetings and heartiest congratulations to the District Chairman Monowara Rahman and all the members of Inner Wheel District 328. We shall start the new IW year with a new zeal, new hopes, new avenues of service and friendships and with a new outlook on life. With our new ideas, we need to lead the change in our society as well adapt to tackle all the ongoing changes in the world. Remember, we are changing the lives of many by the service we provide, be it in large or small ways. If you want 2020-21 to be your year, then do not be idle but go take affirmative action to make a change. Do new things and do not be afraid to change the way to work, think and your attitudes. This is what we need to see happen in order for IW to pave the path to a better future.

With the beginning of each new year, comes the renewal of goals and strengthening of willpower. Similarly, for each forthcoming IW year our IIW President Bina Vyas provided us with a new meaningful theme. This year’s theme is “Lead the change” and this entails leading change in many aspects of our society, including in the our perspectives, ideals, action, communication skills and finally for the positive growth of our organization.

I know the District Chairman Monowara Rahman is a meticulous worker and is very focused on accomplishing our shared goals. I have outstanding hopes and expectations from her and am confident that she along with her entire team will do their best to achieve new milestone. My best wishes and support are always with them.

Let me end by quoting I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples” -Mother Teresa

So, let’s make the best of each moment and try our best to keep the flag of IW flying high.

With lots of love and best wishes,

And in friendship,

Nahid Nawaz,

Board Director 2019-20

International Inner Wheel Governing Body