Newly Elected District Committee 2018-2019

National Representative (2018-19): Khaleda Awal

Deputy National Reprentative (2018-19): Farida Hashem

Newly Elected District Committee 2018-2019:

1. District Chairman: Naima Shakhawat

2. Vice Chairman 1: Mamtaz Mahal Ranu

3. Vice Chairman 2: Monowar Rahman

4. Immi. Past Chairman: Nayar Islam

5. District Secretary: Shamsunnahar Haque

6. District Treasurer: Shahina Rafiq

7. Extension Organizer: Yasmeen Alam

8. International Service Organizer: Shahana Alam Nirjhar

9. District Editor: Baby Jahir

10. Web Master: Zesrina Haider

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