Society for Rehabilitaton of Autistic Children (SRAC)

It is a continuous project of IWC of Dhanmondi since 2012. The founder of this organisation is a member of this club. This organisation has been providing teaching aid, training, in house therapy to the Autistic children for their mental health and well being. The treatment process is lengthy and expensive. This centre started with two kids in one room , now there are 30 kids and two buildings. Also, they arrange vocational trainings for special children aged 15-22 to support their living. IWC of Dhanmondi along with other IWCs of the District328 provides financial support to maintain this organisation.

Bhavanipore Atim Khana (Orphanage)

Bhavanipore Atim Khana (Orphanage) is the Continuous Project of IWC of Gulshan since 1995. It is located in the Gazipur District and is home to around 70 orphan girls. The girls receive education from Class I to Class X, and some of them go on to pursue higher studies or find employment. The members of IWC of Gulshan generously donate to this project and provide the monthly food expenses. Also, the club has been distributing free sanitary napkins to the orphan girls every month, for the last five years . In the past 28 years approximately 2,000 orphan girls were benefited through this project, which met the Nutritional needs of the orphans over the years and ensured the menstrual hygiene of the adolescent girls.