Inner Wheel Sewing Training Center for Women

IWC of Bogura started a Sewing Training Centre for the underprivileged women in 2013 under the logo of Inner Wheel. Professor Fazilatunnessa, Charter President allotted two rooms at her farmhouse in Bhatkandi, Bogura to establish this permanent continuous project. This school has one tailor master, four sewing machines and training tools. Till date this school trained up to 265 women and distributed 45 sewing machines to the best trainees. The club members of IWC of Bogura has been running this school from their own funds and personal donations. Also, other clubs from IWD 328 made significant contributions through the past years. This project is an excellent example of Inner Wheel Branding. It has been generating income through skill development of women. Also, created employment opportunities for women and girls in Bogura.